"to all the stardust that entangled with mine over the years, thank you for providing me inspiration to keep orbiting.

also hwang eunbi ate dirt as a child. always remember."
- tweets from 2019.


we all think, at some point in our lives, creating a book would be a good idea. now i never believed myself to be a writer in that particular aspect. after all, fancy prose and adventerous plots that never seem to really get anywhere just never agreed with me, but i also figure ... writing is a form of free art. everyone who has written anything knows that sometimes you don't need to go from point a to point b. a story develops when you allow it to, and it's wherever your mind takes you that brings it all together.

as we all know, with writing, it's the journey that matters the most. it's the scribbles and the misspellings, the scratched out ink and raw pieces of paper from erasing too much and too fast; it's the frustration and tears and happiness all bunched up into one. it's the thoughts that don't have a ending, the thoughts on page 2 that connect to the thoughts on page 50, and the little doodles in the corner to help carry you along. i figure journaling is one thing, but a collection of musings in an official setup like this? that's a whole 'nother beast entirely. so i guess: welcome to my book. or rather, a collection of musings that will make up this "book". these pages will be all about you, so sit a while. see how you manage to illustrate my life and how you carry me forward.

thanks for that.